About us

Confident we can offer excellent solutions at competitive costs, we invite you to contact us.

Our main business consists of complete supply, from design to manufacture and installation, of systems to transport materials in the industrial sector.


Availing of experience acquired in the industrial handling sector

we are available to you to solve any specific problems. We also conduct feasibility studies to manufacture new systems or to expand/modify existing installations.


Our workshop, with the collaboration of external companies, can manufacture all projects developed internally or outside our technical office. 


Our qualified technicians can provide support to install and maintain new or existing systems.


Our technical office is constantly expanding and updated using the most modern planning systems, providing every kind of information you may need.


We can provide estimates, technical and design appraisals.

Main references

  • ENI Spa – Italy
  • Liquigas Spa – Italy
  • NAFTAL Spa – Algeria
  • Gasco Energy Ltd - Malta
  • Re.Bi.Gas Srl - Italy
  • Danieli Spa - Italy
  • Gas Filling Company - Iraq
  • Collaudi Centro Italia Srl - Italy
  • Galdabini Spa - Italy
  • Baldoni Servizi Gas Srl – Italy
  • La Metallica Srl – Italy
  • Olivotto Spa - Italy
  • Cavagna Group Srl – Italy
  • Serpass Srl – Italy
  • Mondadori Spa - Italy

FC impianti S.r.l. – via Cantarana, 45/a – 27043 San Cipriano Po (PV) – ITALY   C.F. e P.IVA 01849360183